10 Mohh products influencers loved this year

Social media is the only phenomenon that has given competition to inflation in terms of its growth rate. We all are hooked to social media and at this point, it’s inarguable that it has become an inseparable part of the day.

It is not just a medium to connect with people, it has evolved into an interactive platform to communicate new ideas and get to know about the latest trends. Don’t we all have our favourite influencers whom we just can’t get enough of? Physically they might be miles apart but through their content, they live in our hearts rent-free. Well, since they are so close to your heart, we bet you want to find out which Mohh products influencers salivated over in 2022.

Well here’s the list.

Study Tables

It’s a well-known fact that an organised environment helps you concentrate and be more productive. Adding a stylish and functional study table can help you amplify your home-work environment; hence, study tables have been a very popular category among your favourite influencers. Get in the productive zone with Mohh’s modern study tables.

1. Stanza table

Your convenience is our priority. This statement table provides you with maximum function with a foldable ledge and ample space in its three-tier design to store all your stationery and cute dairies, notebooks, books, and tech accessories all in one place. Not to forget it’s easily movable making it seamlessly compatible to support your urge of changing the scenery while hustling. It’s a dreamy wooden study table that hits just the right spot; providing functionality with pleasing aesthetics.

2. Lapeze

While we are on the subject of portable study tables have a look at this cute and practical make of Lapeze. It comes with convenient compartments, a built-in laptop stand allows you to work with ease for hours on a screen. Bonus point – it will save you some bucks from buying an additional one.

3. Vimini study table

Ah, the star of the show! An awe-inspiring design of a wooden study table that will instantly uplift the aesthetic of your room. A strong sturdy table that is a perfect fit to take on a load of your ambitions. The timeless elegance of hand-woven wicker is what makes this table one of a kind. Stud it up with pretty home decor pieces and store all your work essentials, this table has a place for everything.

4. Ava S Table

Our most good-looking study table if we say so ourselves! Premium wooden and paint finishes make this a modern, wooden study table unlike any other. We know once you get in the zone, there’s clutter everywhere and yet you know where to find everything you need. The raised edges will prevent things from falling off so you can be unbothered and work in peace. What’s more? It comes equipped with a useful cable management system and storage.

5. Twain table

A sleek minimal design that will remind you that everything can be taken care of by one masterpiece. An elevated surface so you can place your monitor and work without causing unnecessary stress to your neck. An LED light is built so you can put it in any corner without worrying about the existing lighting situation. There will never be a dull moment with this table. Organise your essentials neatly in the compartments provided on the table. Yes! we thought of everything. Didn’t we say everything can be taken care of by one masterpiece?


Can you ever have enough seating? Probably not. You may run out of space to put up chairs but you can never have enough seating. Adding a gorgeous chair is the easiest way to subtly add charm to your home interiors. Create a new favrouite corner of your home with Mohh chairs and sofas just like your beloved influencers did.

6. Shalom single seater

It has not just been influencers’ favourite but also our bestseller across seasons. Its choice of patterns in the fabric makes it popular among people with different preferences. Its sleek and contemporary design will complement any room that you place it in. Snuggle up in the cosy cushioning of this sofa and it will keep you warm like a hug.

7. Oru Chair

This stand-alone chair has been a popular choice owing to its graceful lines, trendy grey paint finish and the forever loved wicker weaving on the sides. A soft cushion and an added footrest provide you with elevated comfort. Look at that stunning design we bet you can envision the elegance it will bring to your home interiors.


Finding the right balance between form and function while avoiding clutter at the same time is the aim of our storage units. Have a look at our space-saving storage solution for your homes. They not only add extra storage but will also add extra aesthetics.

8. Mare side table

You won’t stop admiring this one. A chotu cutu design to liven up your room. Keep your essentials at your immediate disposal. This Nordic design table effectively combines functionality with beauty. The soft look and smoother organic wood finish make it apt for your minimal modern home interiors.

9. Mare Display Stand

Not your average storage unit! This one is bound to take your breath away with its vivid colour, the elegant slant of its wooden leg and the most convenient size. A refreshing open storage unit standing on an elegant leg structure. Ample space to not only store but flaunt your precious possessions. Its compact structure makes it an ideal fit for all spaces. It’s a perfect piece to spruce up any room.

Dining table

Bring the party together with wooden dining tables. Enjoying soulful food with your close ones is no less than a blessing.  Influencers have made our dining table an invaluable part of their gatherings and all for good reasons.

10. Darwin dining table

Darwin collection has been our consistent bestseller. There’s something about the live edge wood that our customers have found irresistible and so chic. We know you’d love for you furniture to embody your uniqueness too. With each live edge piece, you get truly different furniture each time.