8 Must-haves for the latest Christmas Décor trends

Well, we can’t make it snow for you this Christmas, but we can offer you the next best thing. We’ve simplified the Christmas shopping list for you and taken a load off your shoulders. This is the when season one lovess to decorate their house! 

Everyone is so full of enthusiasm this time of the year, aren’t they? The excitement of decorating the house, and sending tokens of love to loved ones in form of gifts. It’s just the most wonderful time of the year, being surrounded by your close ones, reminiscing the stories, pulling each other’s leg, and preparing to bid goodbye to the current year and welcoming the new one.

To lift everyone’s Christmas spirits, here’s our curated list of products that will help you create, decorate, and sustain the Christmas vibe this season at your homes or gift these and spread joy to the people bring joy to the people you love. Spread Christmas cheer in every room with Mohh products!

Santa is ho-ho here. Add these to your bookshelf and enjoy the Christmas cheer all year round. The red colour of these bookends compliments Christmas in the most traditional way. It can be fun to add these bookends in the kid’s room and remind them to be good or else Santa won’t visit.

While the giant Christmas tree is placed only in the common area of the home you can have a Xmas serving tray in any room. The delicious rum cake needs to be served in style. It’s good to have something representing a Christmas tree in every room, isn’t it? The smooth finish and the soft look of this serving tray will perfectly complement the warm and cosy vibe.


Candle holders


You can never have enough lighting on Christmas, can you? These adorable, slender decor pieces will be your token of love – whether as a gift or for your own use. Fill your homes with positivity and light, it’s quirky and a bright choice to deck your home with unique candle holders. When an illuminated candle is placed, it is as pretty as a picture and
while fairy lights have become popular, they don’t stand a chance in beating the charm of old-school candles connecting old traditions with a modern look.


Table lamps


The significance of lighting as part of Christmas decorations is not unknown to any. Take it up a notch and jazz up your place for the festivities, decorating with different types of lighting. Table lamps such as Austri Wicker Lamp, Linear Table Lamp etc. can help beautify the empty space on any table which otherwise would have been cluttered with knick-knacks. Floor lamps such as WB Floor Lamp, Floral Floor Lamp can be an effective and gorgeous way to style up any empty corner.

WB Vases White


WB Decor Piece Yoga Pose Green

Nothing makes the place livelier than natural elements such as flowers and what better way to store those than in statement vases? Explore our range of vases where you will find them in different sizes, it will help you upgrade your home decor game like a pro.

Halt Bar 2


Klein Bar Unit

Have your party essentials displayed in style: enjoy your precious wine & liquor collection in style with these small bar units such as Klein Bar Unit, Halt 2.0 Bar Unit etc. They are so compact yet can hold a lot of bottles, glasses and other essentials all in one place. Bonus tip – Darwin Bar Shelf screams Christmas like none other. Made from live-edge wood, it virtually transports you to the lap of nature and what’s more Christmassy than that? We have something more too for the festive & year end season – the elegant bar carts. Needless to say, the convenience of serving on a portable bar cart is truly unparalleled.



tara wall shelf 3 olive 1

Staying true to the Christmas theme, let’s put up some colour-coordinated shelves. No amount of space will ever be enough to put up all the Christmas decorations so adding shelves can create that extra space to display more of that Christmas cheer! With Cia Shelf, you can opt for a red-coloured metal which will blend seamlessly with your Christmas spirit. It’s fun shape makes it a minimal yet eye-catching shelf.




To accompany the symbolic Christmas tree why not have more plants around it. Decorate your home with the vibrant colours that nature has to offer in the form of beautiful flowered and non-flowered plants. Whether you want to keep it small or go overboard, we have your back for both. We have big planters such as flutter planters, Kinzoku Planters etc and small planters such as Jack Floor Planters, Teo Planters etc that are so compact that they can be sneaked in anywhere.

Mohh wishes everyone a merry Christmas and hopes this blog helped you simplify your Christmas decorations and gifting this year. 

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