A wedding gift that will leave a mark!

With the wedding season around the corner, love is in the air, and everyone’s geared up for a whole lot of fun and merriment. When your loved ones are taking the plunge, with the excitement of the big day comes the overwhelming thought – what would be the best wedding gift for the couple? Whether it’s close friends, family, or coworkers – we’ve combined an extensive list of possible wedding gift options. Nothing says you value the couple in your life more than a well-thought-out wedding gift – extra brownie points if it fits your budget and is useful for the couple as they start their new chapter together. 

Mohh to the rescue, so nothing gets in the way of you enjoying this wedding season to the fullest and leaving an impression with the most unique wedding gift!

We have a curated section where you can find that perfect gift for the lovely couple. 

Starting with Home Décor

For a newly married couple, often on the agenda after the dream wedding is setting up their dream home together! Thoughtful, beautiful, and useful home décor is on the top of the list and that’s where you come in. Take that little burden off their shoulder and select some pieces which match their taste and can be used by them for years to come. 

Home decor makes the best wedding gift because it not only is a token of your love to them, used often and will always remind them of you when they glance at it. 

Ranging from essentials – serve ware, lighting – to beautiful pieces which add to their homes’ character, there are many choices to make. Let’s do a deep dive into the categories and available selection of products to make your decision easier.

Lamps – Gracefully brighten up any room’s aesthetics!

A simple, illuminating piece holds the power to tie any room together. They’re a statement piece – opt for either floor length or table lamp, they’re both a must have.

Floor lamp

Can be a prime choice to spruce up any empty corner and dramatically enhance the room. Mohh’s floor lamps are minimal while being eye-catching, trendy and sturdy.

 An intriguing geometric design makes for a unique home décor element to style your home with. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


A truly classy floor lamp. A perfect symphony of warmth through fabric balancing the modernity of a metal base.


Table lamps

A fuss free addition to complete any side table, all of them serve a purpose whilst adding that much needed oomph factor.

Have a look at the options for table lamps:

A sturdy base and the ultra-cool design gives a stunning play on the surroundings.


The soothing patterns of wicker weaving, a sleek and minimal base makes it perfect table lamp


Mirrors – An irreplaceable everyday essential!

No one can argue against the importance of a good wall mirror – an essential part of everyday life and it adds charm to the interiors of a home. What gives it an edge? They are timeless and suit all interior design schemes from modern to traditional. Gift one to the bride and groom to enjoy their heartwarming happiness every day. 

In Mohh’s mirror collection, you will find something for everyone!

Inspired from the materials of nature, the elegant yet exceptional designs like Minimal Mirror – Leather, Eclipse mirror, Minimal Mirror – Mooring Rope, and WB Mirror make use of leather, roped and recycled tires in clever and aesthetic ways.

One-of-a-kind designs of Nautical and Archimes Mirror! –

a) Nautical – boho chic in a minimal design, it’s the perfect symphony of 2 different kinds of ropes

b) Archimes –  edgy, modern design and finish in a dull gold finish

Pocket Mirror – Gracefully paired up with some functional storage spaces which conveniently allow you to store your daily essentials. 

Sleek and luxurious, the Spiegel Mirror with its curvy edges and multiple colour options is an easy and versatile choice.

Planters – Dress up your plants in style!

While plants bring life to any place, planters are a sophisticated piece of home decor that never fails to impress. They are versatile as they come in all shapes and sizes, so one can find what fits their décor best. Indoor or Outdoor – can be used to spruce up all places. The icing on the cake – all our planters are conveniently movable which allows you to continue to experiment with your home aesthetics as per your desire.

Explore our exquisite range of planters that will make for a unique wedding gift.

Floor Planters

 A planter with a marble-like look. Our attempt of using eco-friendly materials for luxurious home décor.


 A set of 3, suitable for both indoor and outdoor décor. Transform any space by placing potted plants in these cute planters.


 Two contrasting woods coming together in perfect symmetry is a visual treat. 


 Sleek and elegant, made with a pop of colour.


A sophisticated planter, with a sturdy make and wheels. Comes in vibrant colours and is easy to move about. Bonus points for an extra shelf at the bottom.


 It’s minimal and stunning for those who prefer to keep it simple and classy!


Hanging Planter

Wall Hung Structures

A smart, convenient and stylish way to hang your plants or anything else!
Comes in different sizes:

Kibo Planter

A set of two hassle-free, colourful, quirky and compact planters to up your home décor game. Whether you’d like to place it on a tabletop or hang it using a convenient thread that it comes with, you can count on this planter to revamp your corner. Also, check out another variation of the Kibo planterthe Teo Planter.

Accessories: A small piece that would say a million words – the perfect gift for the occasion. Have a look at some special options:

Serve ware:

Entertaining becomes an integral part of newly married life. The celebration continue for them so why not choose from elegant serve ware like Rex serving platter, Tes Tray, Diana Charcuterie Board.

Cute and packing a punch, have fun with unique coasters like Caplyso Coasters, Rowena coasters, Nari coasters and Marmo coasters.


The geometric symmetry in the design of Alta lanterns provides makes it a showstopper. Available in different colours, these look good solo or in sets.

Photo frames

The captured wedding day memories need to be displayed so they can warm the new couple’s heart. Gift them Bella photo frames – a minimal, geometric design that will help the couple fondly display their memories.

A close one getting married stirs up a lot of emotions, so why not gift them something bigger – a valuable gift that matches your love for them!


A console provides elegance to any home. How is a console the best wedding gift you ask? Let’s answer your question with another question.

When a home is all dolled up with the best possible furniture, how often do you have that area where you can’t add more seating or storage but can’t leave it empty as well? 

A console is a perfect solution for that conundrum. Gift your loved ones a console and help them escape that dilemma. The consoles at Mohh are designed to be minimal yet prominent. Choose from a sleek geometric design in metal of the Mazu console or from the bold and evergreen wooden design of Block console or Bruck Console

Want the best of both worlds? Who doesn’t? Have a look at our Trisley, Semai, Suropu or Trello consoles that have the essence of both the modernity of metal and the richness of wood. Finally opt for something truly unique and one of a kind with our Darwin Console 1 & 2 made of rich live edge wood.

With Mohh you can buy a wedding gift that will amplify the joy of the newlyweds.

You’ll remain in their thoughts every time they glance at one of your gifts so this gift has to be nothing but the best. No pressure 😉. Hope you find a perfect one!