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Complete buying guide about Modern Design | Buy Dressing Table with Mirror Online

Buy Dressing tables with Mirror are a staple utility item in household these days. It comes with drawers and mirror and the piece of furniture is incredibly useful and helps in storing small items. Can you even imagine a girl’s room without one? It’s such an intimate place to relax and get ready. It’s a part of your unique character, and at (company’s name), we have a product to define your uniqueness.

Advantages of modern design dressing table:

A vanity has a wide variety of uses and adds extra functionality to your room. In this article, we are trying to list down some advantages:

  1. An organized space

    It provides a dedicated space to organize and store items like jewelry, clothes and makeup. It keeps your cosmetics safe and you won’t have to constantly hunt for them. A vanity has ample space to store all your makeup.

    Buy Modern Design Dressing Table with Mirror

    Eva Dressing Table

  2. A personal space

    You do not have to do your make up on a bus anymore. You can have a personal space in your house. It is multipurpose and can also be used as a personal space to write diaries and read. It provides a perfect space to experience your own starlet moment and pamper yourself.

  3. Adds to interior

     A stylish vanity that goes with your interiors adds perfectly to the charm and decor of your room. It is also a good show piece given its designs. It of course makes your room look more appealing and luxurious.


Buy Modern Design Dressing Table with Mirror


Dresser: A complete buying guide to buy dressing table with mirror

This piece of furniture is a household staple these days. If chosen correctly, it can add luxury to your room otherwise it looks out of place and unappealing. Here is a complete guide of things you should consider before buying:


Buy Modern Design Dressing Table with Mirror


  1. Size: The size of your room defines the size of furniture you buy. An inappropriately sized table looks weird and can reduce functionality as well. We’re sure you’ll find a size of your liking in our collection.
  2. Design: The design of the table has to go with your interior. A rustic table would look odd in a modern room and vice versa. Our collection of modern and contemporary designs is perfectly suitable for your exotic taste.
  3. Colour: The colour has to blend with the theme of the décor. Nobody likes a furniture that looks odd in the room. You can find or customize the perfect colour of your dresser at (company’s name).
  4. Location: Is it going to be placed in bathroom, bedroom or a dedicated dressing room? A vanity is very versatile and can fit almost anywhere. It is still important to find one that fits your location of choice.
  5. Material: Historically, Furniture was made from wood. Today, there is a material to fir everyone’s taste; be it metal, plastic, glass or mirror finish. It is important to take that into account before buying a dresser.
  6. Features: Do you want a dressing table with one drawer or three? Do you want a bench? Consider the number of drawers that you require. All these features add to your dresser and must be considered before buying.

Dressing Table Designs | Find the one suitable for you 

Dressing tables have been around since 17th century. Undoubtedly, they have evolved over time. And it is important for you to find the right fit for you.

The tables are made of wood, glass, plastic, metal, etc. They can be customized in accordance to various styles, including rustic, modern, industrial, contemporary, etc.

If like modern and contemporary is your style, then you have landed at the right place. We have just what you need. Our dressing table designs are customized to suit your taste and style.

Wood is the most commonly used material in crafting dressing tables (yes, making furniture is a craft!) due to its durability and practicality. But let your style shine and reach out to us for your required dressing table design customizations, we’ll ensure to make your idea a reality.

Why you need a dressing table with mirror


Buy Modern Design Dressing Table with Mirror

Eva Dressing Table


Buy a dressing table with mirror is like fries with ketchup – inseparable! No really, we speak from experience. Imagine going on to your dressing table to put on make up and voila! There’s no mirror. A dressing table with mirror is the perfect combination of chic and usefulness. 

Now, don’t get us wrong. We absolutely don’t mean that a dressing table without a mirror is not useful. Infact, we support and love all kinds of dressing tables. No discrimination there! But a mirror is the extra cherry. A dressing table with mirror is like a bestfriend, providing us with most comfortable corners and cherishable moments.

Eva: Buy Modern dressing table online

A vanity comes in various sizes, designs and materials. So we’ve got just the right one for you! Eva is our most selling chic and modern dressing table. It is the perfect fit for every girl’s room. It provides a perfect space for you to experience your starlet moment. What’s more? Eva dressing table comes with a mirror.

Our design and customer service sets us apart from others. We have minimalistic and contemporary designs to suit the taste of modern women. And for the best customer service experience, we provide a 6month warranty against all manufacturing defects.

Buy Dressing table with Mirror price:

Buy dressing table with mirror price depends on various factors, including material, design and company. Do not settle for a cheap product that compromises with quality. Look for options that provide value for money.

At (company’s name), we ensure best quality and design. All our products are made in India and offer very unique and contemporary designs. We use premium quality products to suit your exotic taste.

And we pack all of this in our best buy dresser price starting.

Eva Dressing Table: 22,999.00

Eva Dressing Table – Medium: 15,299.00 – 16,499.00