Jane collection – Wooden tables in a unique new design

Whilst brainstorming for a new collection, we were clear on one thing – we wanted to be able to play with patterns, textures, and shapes, all while keeping wood in the forefront! Trendy and visible in nature, our eureka moment led us to establish that the fluted pattern will be the highlight of the Jane Collection. In an effort to move away from ordinary wooden tables, we’ve incorporated flutes in the design – each flute painstakingly and individually crafted. 

The collection includes modern wooden tables for every use, with an emphasis on a design language which is a perfect fit for modern and contemporary home interiors. Brace yourself for you are going to be exceptionally impressed by the design, quality and functionality of all these wooden tables. Picking one out of all of them is going to be a hard thing to do!

The highlight of this collection –

The intricacy of the fluted detailing in all wooden tables is a heart winner. Each flute is crafted with love and care so perfection is unquestionable. Rounded flutes are made, sanded and polished so there is a smooth consistency in your wooden furniture. We were able to strike the perfect balance of fluidity in the design and stability of the product. This design language’s sheer elegance makes the furniture stand out. It’s contemporary, luxurious, modern and minimal all at the same time.


Jane's design language –

The top of the tables -

In this collection, we’ve thought about everyone – whether its your design preference or need for the space – you’ll find wooden dining tables, wooden coffee tables and wooden end tables in all shapes.

Round tabletops – To enhance the aesthetics of any space, a round dining table is perfect for intimate gatherings and a must have for space saving design.

L9_DININGTABLE_016. White Ash

Square tabletops – For a cosy and space-efficient table for compact spaces.

Rectangular tabletops – A simple linear design to accommodate more people and make an impressive statement.

L9_DININGTABLE_013 white Ash

In the end, it all depends on individual preferences and requirements. We are here to provide you with a table that fits your needs and makes you love the new addition to your home. 

The base of the tables -

The base of the tables is where we let our creativity play – different form factors and structures with the universal flute detailing. Making a choice will be hard!

You can pick from a :

A simpler straight-legged base – An evergreen design that needs no introduction and has been cherished by countless people.

L9_DININGTABLE_014 White Ash02
L9_DININGTABLE_013Black Stained wood

A royal-looking pillar – For those who want to make a statement with a choice of bold table.

The intriguing criss-cross – The intersecting table legs look stunning from every angle.

L9_DININGTABLE_017 Dark walnut

Slightly curved base – Just a hint of something different in otherwise straight table legs giving it a triangular illusion. 

Whichever base you pick, the coming together of multiple wooden flutes uniquely accentuates the beauty of all of them.

The color palette -

In this collection, we have adopted a monochromatic look for each wooden table. Three bold neutral and earthy shades – White ash, Black stain and Walnut give a rich and luxurious look to your furniture and are so versatile that they seamlessly go well with all interiors. Whether you prefer a darker aesthetic or a lighter one you’ll find exactly what you need in these 3 smooth and premium wood finishes.

Black Stain


White Ash




The idea behind the colour palette was to let the wood be the hero of this collection and bring to the market a classic yet modern,  natural-looking collection.

This design language adapts flawlessly to tables of all shapes and sizes be it small ones like side, end or coffee tables or bigger ones like dining tables.

Additionally, this design language also suits a sleek console like it was tailored only for it.

Why should you shop from our Jane collection?

When one buys modern wooden furniture, one expects it to last a long time which is fair by all means, as it takes a significant amount of research, time and effort to land on the furniture pieces that you like the most, suit your needs and at the same time fits your pocket. So, it is only natural that you’d want the quality of the table to be nothing less than perfect so you don’t have to go through the same gruesome process again and again and it’s value for your money. After all, good quality and designed furniture is an investment! 

If you are someone who likes to stay up to date with all the latest trends yet seeks to have something distinct from everyone else without compromising one bit on the quality of the product, then the Jane collection is a perfect match for your modern, classic, and contemporary home. The highest standard materials are used ensuring stability, sturdiness, and durability in the captivating style of each individual product.

It would be accurate to describe these wooden tables to be timeless owing to the quality of hardwood used and the design that will never go out of style.

But don’t take our word for it – explore the collection yourself and be mesmerized by it!