Darwin Nesting Table

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Graceful and edgy, the rustic and classic charm of the Darwin Collection is beautiful! Drawing inspiration from an optical illusion and the raw beauty of a live edge plank, the tabletops look like dripping wood supported by a sturdy metal base in our set of 2 nesting table.

Product Detail

  • Live Edge Wood
  • Metal
  • Polish
  • Live edge wood has the natural edges of the tree maintaining its original characteristics. Hence, the width, shape and grains of each plank are different 
  • The images above are just reference, when working with live edge wood we’re not taking away the work done by mother nature. So each piece is as unique as fingerprints


The product comes with a 6 month warranty against any manufacturing defects in the materials that have been used. During this period, Mohh will in its sole discretion, repair or replace the defective component, or replace the entire product if found defective in material or workmanship.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided as colour/polish may fade. Care should be taken to protect the products from water as it can cause damage. Avoid using abrasive materials like scrub pads as they may scratch the surface. Clean with a slightly damp, soft micro fibre cloth in the directions of the wood grains.

  • No cleaning agent or chemical to be used.
  • In case of a spill on the product, blot the spill and never try to wipe it as that will spoil the surface.
  • Do not keep warm or cold items directly on the product surface, always use coasters or mats.
  • Avoid sliding or passing items placed over the product, to prevent scratches and damage to the finish.


Bigger Table – 

  • Width – 450 mm
  • Depth – 450 mm 
  • Height – 615 mm

Smaller Table – 

  • Width – 395 mm
  • Depth – 375 mm 
  • Height – 560 mm
Wood grains and colours will vary in each product as it as a naturally occurring material. For other materials, due to individual screen settings and resolution across devices, there may be a variance in fabric colours, polish, wood veneers, laminates between the image on our website and actual products. To help you decide about your purchase, please reach out to us and ask us for additional images of the products and we’d be happy to share them with you


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