Stylish And Modern Planters For Favorite Plants

Stylish And Modern Planters make for the beautiful home accessory. Isn’t it? All things flora and fauna can instantly amp up the look of your abode. Undoubtedly, plant culture is experiencing an increase in popularity these days. Plant influencers, with their array of greenery and indoor stylish and modern planters, are trending everywhere on social media and they’re making plant parenthood look cool. 

If you also have a green thumb and your home and yard are filled with an abundance of plants, don’t you think it’s only right to show them off in something beautiful? Here’s the list of pots and modern planters that can make your home look beautiful. 

Add Lush Color To Your Space With Hanging Planters

Do you have that wall on which there’s no creativity or you just can’t figure out what to do with it? Adorn it up with modern hanging planters. 

Vertical Wall Hung Structure

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Look at this minimalist Vertical Wall Hung Structure that can add whimsy and lush color to your space. Secure the set indoors near a sunny window, or hang it on your balcony to make your space green and beautiful.

This modern planter is a simple, utilitarian, and multi-purpose wall hung structure that comes equipped with a detachable tray at the bottom for extra storage. These can also collect the water from your plants. Available in a few colors, add color and greenery to any space with this wall-hung structure.

Planter Box For A Modern Appeal

In your balcony, you can add trailing greenery and florals with this sleek stylish and modern planters box.

Flutter Planter

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This Flutter Planter is a clean and mess-free design crafted from an eco board to withstand the elements for modern appeal. This modern planter is truly a sustainable option as Eco Boards are a material created from “Multi-Layer Plastic (MLP)” that is extremely hard to recycle or reprocess. The Fluter Planter is Mohh’s first product line using 100% recyclable, waterproof, termite resistant material for those who wish to be environment friendly. Available in 3 different sizes, the raw beauty of it can be admired wherever placed.

Stylish And Modern Planters For Eccentric Display

No matter what kind of interior design you hope to achieve, Stylish and modern planters can play an important role in adding eye-catching detail and color to any room. Modern planters are available on Mohh in many sizes and colors so you can match each planter to its intended home, and personalize it with the plants you choose to put inside. 

Teo Planter

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If you are into crisp shapes and lines, this set of two Teo planters that are for you if you love minimalistic, modern with clean edges and are accompanied by a bamboo wood saucer plate, which also gives it a distinct appeal. They are lightweight and come in a very handy size that can be used atop any surface like in the bedroom, or kitchen.

Beautify Your Outdoors With Ring Planters

Whether you’re looking for indoor planters or outdoor planters, Mohh has plenty of options to fill your space with greenery. 

From wall planters to self-watering modern planters, planters with stands, give your home some extra curb appeal. No matter the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve, you’ll find styles in every texture. With ring planters, you can add support and provide strength to your planters. 

Ring Planter

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Gardening may be one of the world’s longest-serving hobbies, but giving you indoors a dash of green is creative with the help of planters. More than ever, most homeowners dabble in a little container gardening, businesses recognize the importance of plants, and outdoor spaces are booming with bloom. 

At Mohh you can buy modern planters that come in all shapes and sizes and can make your indoors and outdoors look beautiful and organized. With Mohh you get these modern planters at discounted prices and they will be delivered to your doorstep hassle-free.