Things you must consider while buying a bed online.

A warm cosy place to take away the stress of the world – a safe place where you can be alone with your thoughts, recharge to take on the world the next day, come and crash leaving the tension of the world outside and where you just be and nothing else – that’s the most important place – your bedroom.

Woah, that’s a load of responsibility in one room! Makes sense to get only the best furniture in that room where you are going to spend the most time. 

We are here with a checklist that will help you make the right choices while buying beds online.

Before you jump in to explore your options there are a few things you should write down to consider. Diving in with a clear idea of what you are looking for will shorten the period to help you find yourself the one!

Size and shape -

Beds come in different shapes – rectangular, oval, square, and round to name a few and different sizes – king size (the biggest), queen size, and single (the smallest). While it has been conventional to go for rectangular king-size beds people have started to move away from this choice. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best bed frame. It’s entirely down to your preferences, priorities and interior style.

Storage -

Here’s something that can save you some bucks!

  • The storage space in beds is often used to store stuff that is not used regularly. As real estate prices shoot up, it’s handy to have space in the bed box to store the extra stuff lying around. So investing in a bed with storage might not be a wise and convenient choice.
  • Additionally, if you don’t have enough cabinets to store your stuff, that extra space is a boon. The bed with storage can turn out to be a rational decision as you would save on space and money with the bed that can take care of your needs to add an extra cabinet.

Design language -

It shouldn’t be too complicated to pick a design language for your bedroom. It’s simply a reflection of your personality. Let’s lay out some of the most common design languages loved by our customers from all walks of life so you can envision and pick which one speaks to you the most.

1. Bohemian interior style –

This style includes a mix of warm earthy colors such as browns, greens, and greys as the primary hues. To add more depth and interest, jewel tones like purple, orange, and blue are often used as accent colors. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no set formula for creating Boho-inspired decor. It allows you to experiment. Our Zuri bed would be a perfect fit if you want to establish Bohemian aesthetics in your room. As it’s minimal and will seamlessly accommodate your vivid styling.

2. Classic Interior Style –

This style reflects the 17th to 19th-century European design sensibilities. The Classic design style is distinguished by a level of sophistication, antiquity, and symmetry in design, along with warm tone pastel colours. It frequently exudes a royal and historical aura. Our Euclid beds and Darwin bed will be ideal for the classic aesthetics of your bedroom. 

3. Modern Interior Style -

It is prompted by styles that prevailed in the 20th century. Sturdy, sleek, simpler designs and elegant finishes are some words to describe this style. The modern interior design style strives to keep things simple while remaining aesthetically appealing and unique. Clean, crisp lines will dominate this design language, as will simple colour palettes. Our Bruck Bed and Bett Bed are your unquestioned pick if you want a modern bedroom.

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4. Minimal interior design -

This interior design style emerges from modern design and simplifies it even further. Everything is pacified, including colours, furniture, and accessories. Aesthetically there is nothing flashy here. Only what is functional and essential is included, and nothing else. Our Letto King Bed and Brevis Bed conform to this design language the most.

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Why buying a bed online is a smarter idea than buying a bed in-store?

  • It takes less time and effort – Taking out the time to visit the store, either taking an off from work or giving away your me time on the weekends can be cumbersome. Going to a store will require a dedicated day or in most cases daysss whereas on the internet it will take only a couple of hours and research. Oh wait, we already did the research and gave you a road map, and your decision is simplified even further. 
  • You can explore more options – There are only a limited number of shops one can visit before getting fed up with the process. The stores you visit will also have only a limited number of options on display. But surfing online gives us more bandwidth to peacefully choose what we absolutely love. 
  • It’s less stressful to buy anything online – Online shopping has boomed owing to its convenience. While buying a bed online you can make hassle-free and secure payments, added bonus are that delivery and installation happens at your doorsteps – a definite load off your shoulders.