Winter Décor Inspiration for Bedroom by Mohh

Ah frigid winters, you are here again. Bringing with you all the gloom and days of sheer laziness where we want to do nothing. The bedroom is the one place where one wants to be in a warm, cosy comfortable set up, away from the harsh weather outside. So let Mohh help you accessorise your bedroom into a snug and comfortable environment. 

Some helpful tips to keep in mind – 

  • Keep it good-looking – for you
  • Opt for cushioned furniture so its warm and soft to the touch 
  • An earthy, neutral colour palette will give it that inviting feel

In this blog, you’ll find everything in a curated list of products that you need to set the tone right this season.


Oh the moment you crash down on that soft, welcoming bed after a long day of hustle is a feeling one can’t put into words. it’s a love affair like none other – to help you get the most of it this winter explore our range of sturdy, solid and comfy beds to have a snuggly winter ahead.

Darwin Bed

A bed made of live-edge wood, you’ll feel as if you are in the lap of nature while being in your bedroom. Its strong and sturdy make will keep you safe all winter. This minimal bed is no less and no more than needed. Waking up in the morning is sure going to be hard with it!


Zuri Bed

The sleek make of this bed leaves no one unimpressed! The undeniable charm of the organic wooden grains makes it a sight to behold. The sleek design makes your room look bigger with this in it. Not to forget, the edges dipped in rich paint for that accent factor. It certainly is the whole package!

zuri bed

Brevis Bed

The appealing curves in the structure of this wooden bed are a truly unique design. 

This bed won’t only take care of you during the winter but also after you bid goodbye to winter and need to store all the heavy quilts, blankets and comforters. It comes equipped with convenient storage so you can easily store your linens throughout the year and have fuss-free access to them. 


Side tables

Winter is the season when we need our snacks, our piping hot beverage and other essentials right by our bedside. A compact modern side table is a necessity so you don’t have to get up from your warm spot to get your stuff. Keep it all by your side and wrap yourself up like a burrito. Bonus point if by any chance you spill your hot chocolate on them, these tables are easy to clean too. 

Bett Seite Side Table

There’s space on the top to place your curated home decor pieces, a spacious drawer and a bottom self too. You’d be amazed by how much can this small table hold. Its awe-worthy paint colours finished with modern metal legs give it a stunning look. Better yet, comes in two different sizes – small and large, opt for the one that satisfies your need.

bett siete

Jane side table

In a wooden side table, convenience is everything of course but isn’t it brilliant when it’s accompanied by a great design? Jane Side Table is a statement table, so easy to style and even more lovely to use. The flutes give it that intricate detailing and the wooden finish that warm, versatile look!  Comes with a mix of sleek open and closed storage. The handcrafted flutes on the shutter add that artistic flair. Pair it with a bed and you’ll become an inseparable from your bedroom. It’s minimal, it’s functional and it has a drool-worthy design; it’s everything you can ask for.


Itsuki side table

Can’t figure out which you love more – curves or a straight look in your furniture? Well, why not have it both ways? Itsuki Bedside Table is a trendy, unique and most importantly compact wooden side table with ample storage for your essentials. Customise the colour as per your personal style and make this unique side table truly apt for you.


Akari side table

The eye-catching curvaceous design is simply eye-catching. With soft edges, it will be ideal to complement your warm aesthetic. Place essentials on top or in the closed drawer you will have an option for both in this wooden side table.


Bed ends

Extra seating never hurts anyone. After all, a stylish bend end is not just an extra seating, it is a boost to your bedroom’s decor! Adding a bed end will add extra detail and depth to a room and tie it all together. Moreover, it will save you from cluttering your bed thereby saving time in cleaning it. 

Practicality in use and beauty in the design makes any furniture piece irresistible. Wouldn’t you agree?

Euclid Bench

The beloved hand-woven wicker design in a bed end is here to liven up your bedroom aesthetics. Besides the sleek structure and soft cushioning, that storage gives it bonus points. One can never have too much storage and the Euclid bed end is a perfect blend of having storage in a stylish furniture piece. You won’t need to add an extra cabinet and crowd up your room more than you want to.


Tiara Bench

A perfect minimal bench which would function perfectly as a bed end! An incredible example of how less can be more, it creates a striking image while being convenient and functional. The soft fabric, straight lines and modern joinery, what’s not to love?



Well winter isn’t a short season and while snuggling in a bed is dreamy it may get monotonous after some time. To shake it up a little get yourself a big, comfy chair. Well, chairs are often found convenient to place a pile of clothes on but we promise Mohh chairs aren’t something you would want to hide under a pile of clothes. They are so stunning so who would want to hide them? Have a look at them yourself.

Rocking Chairs

 How many times have you seen these in movies and TV shows and dreamt of sitting in one? We bet as a kid everyone was fascinated by it and wanted one for themselves. Well, if now isn’t the time to get one then when is?

You can go with the one which combines metal and wood -Howard Rocking Chair or you can turn to the trusted old friend, an all-wood chair – Edward Rocking Chair. Either way, you will be spending the better half of your day in it because nothing can beat the comfort of the soft fabric and plush seating of these rocking chairs that let you sink and rejuvenate. 

rocking 2

Brevis Lounge

A plush, soft lounge chair that will feel like a warm hug! Curl up in this heavily cushioned lounge chair and let the wooden back support you all day. The miniature legs accentuate the modern look of this chair. This chair will seamlessly find its place in any room aesthetic.

Media units

Christmas movies are a winter staple. An essential to an elevated experience of watching a movie is a stunning media unit that will keep all your entertainment essentials. Store game consoles, DVDs, board games or other items including the million wires that are an eyesore in any room. With a media unit, the clutter won’t get in the way of your peace. Style the top, place some photo frames to cherish your memories and add some eye-catching home decor to complete the vibe of your bedroom. The satisfaction sees everything seamlessly organised in a statement media unit is truly pleasurable. 

Terrene Media units

A sleek and modern media unit that comes with a combination of open and closed storage. The dual colour of this media unit is to accentuate the visual appeal of it and add depth to your room’s interior. It has an elevated bottom that makes it easy to clean and if you have a pet they can have yet another place to snuggle under. 



This wooden media unit with a hand-woven wicker design will leave you with a tinge of nostalgia. It will not only add that oomph and glam factor to your bedroom but also provide you with ample storage. The perfect combination of old-world grace and mid-century modern design will beat any ordinary media unit design.  

Not to mention, the earthy colours that these media units come with are exactly what you need this winter!

euclid media unit

One last piece of the puzzle –


Casper Open Wardrobe

You can’t deny that in winter you often find yourself drowning under those pretty coats not finding an adequate and convenient place to keep them. We know it’s irritating, isn’t it? An open closet is a dream come true for you. It is aesthetically pleasing as well as sturdy and strong so you can hang all your heavy coats. It is simplicity at its best. This minimal open wardrobe is a must-have for winter. Hang your pullovers with convenience and place your precious winter boots, bags and other accessories in the bottom selves and you are sorted on your way in and on your way out.