Winter Décor Inspiration for Living room by Mohh

While the bedroom is ideal for some me time, there’s something that feels missing after a while and that’s when we turn to the warmth and companionship of our families or friends on a cold windy day. So, spruce up your living room for the cosy winter season to appreciate their company and your bond with them. Of course, your comfort is our command so to make it all easy we got a list of what you’ll need right here!


A love affair between you and a plush sofa is for the books. Is there anything better that you could invest in for this winter? A good, high-quality sofa feels like an embrace for you and your loved ones while providing the comfort needed. An ideal way to sit with everyone: pour a hot beverage of your choice and enjoy gossip, exchange heart-warming stories, play games or do anything and everything else that you cherish doing with your loved ones. Have a look at the options we picked out for you – 

Shalom Sofa

A sleek design of this minimal yet elegant sofa is simply delightful. This ergonomic design will be your best friend to lean on against the cold outside. The cherry on top, apart from one solid colour you can also opt from a number of patterns and bring out your fun and playful personality in your furniture. The curves in the cushioning of this sofa lend a softer and more welcoming aesthetic which perfectly complements the weather outside.


Bruck Sofa

Theply comforting cushioning and the statement design makes this a luxurious sofa. The fascinating wood detailing not only looks stunning but also provides it with a strong foundation so you can be comfortable time on it and enjoy it for years to come. You’ll find the earthy colour scheme in this sofa quite calming, especially during the winter, choose a darker wood with a deeper fabric to create a warmer living room.  Bruck sofa molded the same design in three different seating options – Bruck 3 Seater Sofa, Bruck 2 Seater Sofa, and Bruck 1 Seater Sofa so you pick according to your requirement and don’t have to compromise on the design. 

Bruck 3 Seater Sofa

Bruck Lounge Chair

Inspired by the design of the Bruck sofa, it’s a lounge chair so what’s different? It’s for those who want something more contemporary – the combination of wood and metal brings the best of both worlds.  Have some fun with fabric along with the choice of wood and get the chair that suits your personality, home aesthetics and requirements all at once. Comes in two variants – find out your favourite one here – Bruck Lounge Chair – 1, Bruck Lounge Chair – 2

Luna Lounge Chair

While we are on the subject of lounge chairs, exploring Luna will be worth your time. Needless to say, the wooden structure is the mark of its sturdiness and the comfy cushioning is desirable for everyone. But that’s not it – the captivating shine of the metal batons at the back is the perfect complement to the natural, organic grains of the wood. This stand-out design distinguishes it from the rest and makes it a perfect fit for your modern homes.



Not only will a table help you tie the whole living room together but act as the most important part of it. The number one requirement for the winter season is easily accessible snacks and hot beverages! Place soul food at your immediate disposal so you don’t have to get up again and again from your warm spot. Need we say more? Read about our choices for your living room –

Darwin Coffee Table

Let’s transport you to the forest! Yes, you read that right. Since it’s made from live edge wood, Darwin Coffee Table lends a soothing yet rustic look that comes from being in a place surrounded by trees but better because you’re bringing it into your home! The sleek metal legs are quirky and eye-catching. The combination of brown and black in this table is ideal to establish a warm tone in your living room. Goes with any sofa you have and comes in three variants, so you are never out of options – Darwin Coffee Table A, Darwin Coffee Table B, and Darwin Coffee Table C.

Darwin Coffee Table B04

Darwin Nesting Table

The sleek, polished metal supports the rugged wooden top. The dripping top illusion on the end table brings with it an artistic and refreshing look to your room. Pair this up with Darwin Coffee Table to give your living room a rustic and classic charm. You get an option to choose from a single or a set of 2 tables as per your requirements. The set of two can be conveniently placed one under the other when you need to make some extra space or are simply just not using both tables.

Darwin Nesting Table

How about completing the living room aesthetic with some statement home decor pieces such as floor lamps?

Floor lamps

 A pleasant use of that empty corner. A stand-out floor lamp which it a statement by itself and you don’t need to add anything else to go with it. It’s as minimal as it gets. Imagine on a winter evening when you have worked relentlessly throughout the day and now you want to just relax, switch off all the extra lighting and turn on the lamp for just the right amount of lighting you need. The snuggle session on your sofa with a warm comforter made it all the more sweeter. Did we just transport you to the land of no worries? I guess we did! Explore our variety of floor lamps here – Floral Floor Lamp, Linear Floor Lamp, Tsukasa Floor Lamp and WB Floor Lamp.

Doll up your living room with winter essentials so you can walk right into a warm hug whenever you need it.