About Us

At Mohh, we started with a simple concept, to break away from the mundane and offer unique, innovative and stylish products. Our products are eye catching and here to make a statement. They will brighten up any living, work and commercial space, while resonating with your persona. Who says furniture can’t be utilitarian and fun?

Our mission:

To deliver superior quality, modern and fresh designs inspired from trends and phenomena from across the world, which invoke a sense of happiness in you and extend your personality to any space.

Our promise:

With a manufacturing set-up over 20 years old, our products are conceptualised by experts and manufactured using the latest technology. We produce each piece with the utmost care and employ sustainable practices. Our furniture is plastic free, with some ranges made by re-purposing factory scrap.

Our products:

High quality, modern aesthetic and eclectic design language are the ethos we employ while designing and manufacturing all our products.

If you’re looking for innovative designs and a fuss free buying process, with a promise of superior quality, you’ve come to the right place. It’s Mohh than just furniture, it’ll be your way of life.


With 150,000+ square feet of ISO certified manufacturing facility and a dedicated team of trained craftsmen, we can bring designs to life. We have world-class, cutting-edge tools and technologies which enable our craftsmen to fabricate the most complicated designs. From design to production, we remain focused on quality at every stage. Our passion for quality and love for design is reflected in every piece we make.

Pritika Singh, Founder

A passionate, persistent, calm, and action-oriented Pritika Singh, entered the entrepreneurial world with her unique, bold, quirky ideas and founded Mohh. Established with an aim to make Mohh a design powerhouse and a preferred brand for every Indian’s furniture needs, her infectious ambition is at play every day at work to achieve that goal. After completing her bachelor’s in commerce from Delhi University, she went on further to complete her master’s from King’s College London.

A marketing professional by qualification, her professional stint started in the corporate world for two and a half years where she was lauded as a go-getter & all-rounder by her superiors. Soon after the entrepreneurial streak reared its head and she decided to leap into her familial legacy of entrepreneurial achievements. The design first start-up, the young, firecracker Mohh team helmed by its vivacious founder is working hard to blaze a trail.

Pritika always has a charismatic aura which encourages and motivates people to work harder for the organization. She is a fair and transparent leader who focuses on the overall growth and development of the people and of the organization as a whole. She is extremely approachable, analytical & leaves no stone unturned to achieve a goal.

Environment policy:

Based on the philosophy of Indian traditions, we contribute to the protection of the environment by scouring and using materials sustainably and efficiently. Our products are plastic free and multiple ranges are manufactured by repurposing and upcycling wood and metal waste. Our endeavour is to continue producing viable & attractive products by upcycling materials disregarded as waste in everyday life.

Guiding principals

Accept that environmental challenges are fundamental to business continuity, and aim to reduce our environmental impact.

Pursuit to reduce risk to human health and the environment.

Make every effort to perform our social responsibility by observing environmental regulations and standards in India and world-over.

Strive for continuous improvement of our environmental management system to protect the environment.

Encourage our employees to contribute to global environmental conservation by tackling climate change, preserving biodiversity and using resources effectively.

We set environmental objectives to achieve this environmental policy, and both the policy and objectives are reviewed at least once a year.