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Dull Gold

Regal Blanco Coffee Table

7,700.0013,200.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Dull Gold

Noble Coffee Table – Blanco

15,400.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Pista Green

Sei Table

9,900.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Dull Gold

Niche Coffee Table – Blanco

12,100.0013,750.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Regal Noir Coffee Table

9,900.0013,200.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Black & Yellow
White & Yellow

Ternary Coffee Table

7,260.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Dark Brown
Light Brown

Niche Parquet Coffee Table

11,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Sandankai Table

14,410.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Sami Coffee Table

11,999.0014,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Acacia & Black
Acacia & Cream
Black Stained
White Ash
Black Stained & Gold
Black Stone & Gold
Black Stone Laminate
Granite & Marble Irish Brown Marble Laminate
Irish Brown Marble & Gold
Staturio Suede & Gold

Stange Coffee Table

20,999.0024,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Jade Coffee Table

14,999.0016,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Jane Coffee Table 4

25,999.0027,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Modern coffee tables in India | Stylish quirky coffee-tables designs

Modern coffee tables are an integral part of your home as sofas and other furniture. The purpose of stylish designs is to put your coffee while you enjoy your favorite show on television or read a few magazines. At Mohh, we are committed to providing table designs that improve lifestyle. The wide range available online on our website not only looks good but also meets our customers’ changing needs. The range of Modern wooden coffee tables are designed to maximize the effective use of your living space and to provide truly innovative solutions for the home.

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Stylish coffee tables designs for your living room

Modern coffee tables are the showstopper for your living room or dining room. The designs at Mohh come in different shapes and sizes. You can layer up your quirky center table with your own personal treasures, favorite books or magazines, candles, flowers, and other quirky objects.

If you are thinking about getting a new table online for yourself, here’s the handy guide that will help you consider your purchasing options.

Marble laminate table- Minimal marble top coffee tables in India

A marble laminate table adds an effortlessly chic look that will elevate the design of your home. Such quirky marble top tables indicate the serious style and taste as well as the personality of the homeowner. If your goal is to create an uber-stylish center table that dazzles anyone who enters your lounge or dining area or living room, then a marble laminate table is the best choice.

The marble laminate table adds a royal look. The gorgeous stone has an elegant look and is a timelessly beautiful choice. Our Marmo Collection online uses marble lamination to give the sophistication of stone. If minimal is your style then you can opt for a marble laminate table that is stylish and sleek.

Niche, Regal, Noble, and Grace range of tables are all modern rectangular marble shapes that are minimal yet stylish. They can easily pull a room together and give it a point of focus to a social seating area.

Marble laminate table is widely used for decorating interiors and can be the smart choice for a trendy lounge. The marble effect brings an effortless, elegant vibe to your living room that has a high gloss glow and screams luxury.

Quirky Modern Coffee Tables design for a minimal and stylish look

Quirky wooden design not only adds a layer of practicality to your living room but also is a way to drive home the style of your space. Wood is the most common and popular material for modern coffee tables. A wood center table gives a Scandinavian look and modern vibe to your interior.

Sleek lines and smooth surface designs can characterize the entire room. It can be an excellent way to anchor your sitting room. A minimal table to put your coffee on with chairs can provide a modern look to your space. You can check out our Sandankai Table which is a statement piece and a refreshing contrast to your room’s existing furniture. The smooth side curves are perfect for a sitting room with a contemporary minimalistic look.

Metal legs provide an industrial look and chic style to your living space. Our Sei Table has a wooden surface with metal legs that is perfect for all casual gatherings. The hexagonal surface adds a chic look to the table.
Glass Center Table for Drawing Room: Glass Top Modern Coffee Tables
A living room without round coffee tables are just so empty. Round glass top is best where there are children. A round table with a glass top creates an effortless style where you can rest your drinks and snacks. Glass center table for drawing room amplifies the light and allows it to flow through, giving your space an airy and open feel. Order our Ternary Table which can be a game-changer for your drawing room or living room. The elegance of a glass top is great for showing off your styling skills.

Modern Coffee Tables with Storage 

Modern coffee table with storage is a definite must-have in any home. Due to their important functionality, they never go out of style! They help you declutter your space where you can rest your coffee mug and relax. It is a great way to organize and hold any item that you do not wish to see on a daily basis. Our Shiro Bi Table has clean and minimal lines with perfect storage options where you can easily put your magazines or newspapers while having a cup of coffee with your favorite snacks.

Choose the Perfect Modern Coffee tables for your Dining Room

A stylish table with chairs can ample up your dining room or living space instantly. Choosing the perfect one involves more than one decision.

The right size is the first and foremost quality to consider. Buy that perfectly fits your space according to the needs. The dimension matters the most so that you sit comfortably while enjoying your evening snacks. Next comes the shape. Modern Coffee tables design come in different shapes. Modern round coffee tables are perfect for houses where there are children. Moreover, it’s safe. A rectangular shape is also a great option for more seating options. Buy coffee tables online where you can have a good time with friends and family while sipping your coffee.

The material also matters. The Modern coffee tables are the best option when opting for a rustic look. The look of solid modern coffee tables are worth consideration. A marble laminate table at Mohh provides elegance and a luxurious feel to your coffee time. Some of the trending colors are black, unique white, and many more. Buy online coffee tables India at Mohh that has a wide range of modern coffee tables designs of your choice.