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Kenji Sofa

30,999.0032,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Elong Sofa

49,999.0054,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Euclid 2-Seater Sofa 1.0

32,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Euclid Single Seat Sofa 1.0

21,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Bezeir Sofa – Large

79,999.0089,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Sisu Single Seater Sofa

18,199.0023,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Sisu Sofa

41,999.0054,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Kefi 3 Seater Sofa

49,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Wenda Sofa

31,999.0032,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Bubble 2-Seater Sofa

55,999.0059,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Warm Grey

Mei 2 Seater Sofa

47,999.0054,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Trinquil 2-Seater Sofa

67,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Buy Modern Sofas Online India 

Nowadays modern sofas are quite popular in the market. They are in trend as well. They are eye-catchers in every space whether it is your living room or your office area.

How to enhance the look of your Living room with modern sofas online?

Sofas are often the most focus of a Lounge cum Living room. Whether during a lounge, a home, a lobby, a restaurant, or an office, sofas are where people assemble, socialize, and relax.

Keeping up with modern sofas trends is often difficult, especially as you’ll not want to exchange your sofa annually to suit it with new styles! Choosing the right sofa with brilliant features that match your decor is significant. It ensures it stays on-trend for years to return.

Mohh Furniture provides a spread of up-to-date modern sofas online and contemporary ones for homes and businesses. Whatever your aesthetic and style, we will assist you to find a Contemporary sofa that matches the latest trends.

Things to keep in mind while choosing modern sofas online for your room

When choosing couch designs for your front room, these are the items you ought to confine mind:

  • You would like to seek out something that suits the way you reside.
    What does one use the couch for?  Is it used for TV watching, family chitchats, even eating dinner ahead of the TV? Should your couch double up as a makeshift bed when the necessity arises?
  • What is that the material you’re looking for?
    What should the finish and elegance of filling be? You can think in terms of rubberwood, rattan, or bamboo.
  • How often are you able to vacuum the couch, or prefer to refill? If you would like highly durable sofas, leather or rexine are good choices, as fabric couches require a better level of maintenance.
  • What styles does one like?

Straight back, contoured, slipcovered, or with removable cushions?

Minimal and Modern Sofas Online at Mohh

We believe in the latest contemporary yet modern sofas designing. At Mohh, sleek and stylish furniture will mohh (attract) you anyway.

Here we will share 7 points to keep in mind before you buy modern sofas online for your room


The texture of modern sofas is a key modern furniture trend. Having the power to differentiate textures during an area is significant for creating depth and an outsized sofa or loveseat could also be an honest thanks to featuring plenty of texture to your furniture.

This can be done by simply choosing materials with a singular texture – leather, tweed, wool, and leatherette, for instance, are all visual materials that provide a singular texture to couches. Texture also can involve features on the couch, like tufting, seams, and cushions.

Mohh furniture offers modern sofas online with a spread of textures that will be fully customized with color and material. We would like to make sure our customers are always getting the precise piece of furniture that matches in with their modern decor.


This is a truly significant thing to accept while picking a settee, as it’s essential to ensure your new couch will suit the plan and style of the space it’s going into. On the off chance that your room is customarily styled, you’ll need to head out with a settee to coordinate. On the off chance that you have a contemporary home, modern sofas online will open into the climate giving the space a smooth look.

At the point when you’re picking a settee, pick one during a plan and shading that you just like which will suit the enveloping kind of the space that it’s in.


The texture you select for your next couch is ostensibly similarly as significant in light of the fact that the styling does have a chosen inclination for leather couches, or maybe tweed texture might be a major ponder whether a settee is valid for you.

While picking up a new sofa set you should think about the right texture and styling as well as the comfort of the couch.

Modern sofas aren’t modest, and you wouldn’t have any desire to dispense for a settee that you basically don’t care for sitting on!

In the event that you wish to remain your home up so far with the freshest inside plan designs, we suggest you settle on an impartial texture. This way will not stand apart from an inordinate measure of and you’ll refresh it with tosses and disperse pads when recent fads are free.


This essential factor is normally disregarded which might be a truly hazardous move. In the event that you don’t qualify your room size before you buy your couch, you’ll understand that it doesn’t fit where you might want it. What’s more, if not that it could leave your room looking to an extent on the off chance that you set a gigantic couch during a little room.

To get erring on the side of caution we strongly suggest you’re taking exact estimations of your room and hence the space you might want for the modern sofas online to go before you head-bowed.


You’re clearly having the chance to need to supply sufficient seating space for everybody living inside the home, and you might want to require this viable when you’re picking a settee. You should likewise accept how you’re having the opportunity to invest some energy consequently.

Will you rest on the sofa frequently to relax? Provided that this is true you should put resources into a sofa with many rooms between the arms. In case you are resting on the sofa frequently, picking a settee with low arms is moreover an amazing thought since it permits you to rest your head and your feet without being made awkward by steep couch arms.

You have huge loads of sofa ideas that are accessible in various sizes, so relying on which sofa you’d like this will not be an issue at all.


The main issue of the ideal modern sofas online is the comfort it accommodates you. Try not to put resources into a sofa except if you’re 100% pleased with the comfort it brings. Everything meets up once you are deciding the ease of a sofa or couch– the material, the length, the pinnacle of the back, and along these lines the profundity of the seat.

What you find agreeable is close to home inclination and it’s totally directly down to you. Think from past encounters of couches you’ve possessed to encourage an idea upon what’s best for you, and see what you feel from that point.

 If you’re unsure, why not enter the store and test the comfort of the sofas first hand? In this manner, you’ll make certain to understand what sofa you discover the comfiest.


Using accent colors in rooms has been a longstanding furniture trend for years now. It helps draw attention to a selected area of the space and draw attention to a bit. It also can be honest thanks to creating cohesiveness during a room and tying the decor together.

Recently, it’s become a trend to form the sofa as the accent piece during a room. Having a neutral color scheme with a pop of color on the sofa creates a primary search for an area. It adds texture, depth, and boldness to an area of your room or office lounge.


Now that you’ve read abreast of our tips for purchasing a sofa, hopefully, you’ll have a way easier time choosing a sofa that’s perfect for you. If you’re trying to find a trendy, quality sofa at a reasonable price, look no further than Mohh Furniture.

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