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Oru Sideboard

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Euclid Media Unit

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Terrene Media Unit

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Contoura Media Unit

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Muro Media Unit

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Otto Media Unit

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Tsukasa Media Unit

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WB Media Unit

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Mare Media Unit

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Wooden Wall Mounted Media Unit- Buy Online India @MOhh

Wall Mounted Media units are available in various styles and themes these days. They are the focal point of our living room containing all our entertainment needs within them. It is not just housing your TV but also works as a storage space for gaming consoles, books, home theater, etc. It enhances your viewing experience while protecting your TV and entertainment accessories.

A huge amount of time is spent in front of a media unit binge watching series, playing games or spending some family time watching movies. With so many options available in the market, it is natural for you to get overwhelmed and confused.

So, we’ve taken it upon us and developed a complete media unit buying guide for you. At Mohh, we ensure that our consumers get the best fit according to their needs.

Importance of Media Units online

There are many reasons why media units have always been a staple in households. Media units have existed since the existence of televisions. Here’s why you need one:

  1. Storage: Most media units come with drawers and shelves and provide a comfortable organizing space for your entertainment accessories including cable box, books, gaming consoles, etc.
  2. Protection: It protects your television and ensures it is safe and scratch free. Media unit provides a designated corner for your TV.
  3. Comfort: Nobody likes watching a TV and getting a neck or shoulder pain due to incorrect viewing angle. With the help of a media unit, you can ensure a comfortable viewing angle.
  4. Home decor: A TV unit also adds style to your living room. You can also use it to keep decor items and enhance the personality of your house. It gives off personal traits.
  5. Clean: A media unit also helps in organizing and hiding all those wires and keeps your place neat and tidy. The cluster of wires is well taken care of.

Media Unit: Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that you have decided to buy a media unit, there are certain things you need to consider before making the final decision. We, at Mohh, have personally curated this buying guide for you:

  1. Type and size of TV: Most people have media unit that is too small or big for their TV. It is important to buy one that has the perfect dimensions of length, breadth, height and depth for your TV. Ideally, 4”-6” should be left on both sides of the TV for best experience.
  2. Size of the room: Size of media unit should be in proportionate to that of the room. There should be ample space for movement and access to cables. Ideally, it is placed in center of the wall.
  3. Viewing angle: Determine the position and height of your seating. This determines what should be the height of the TV unit and at what angle should it be placed. It is important to consider height (ideally, 107 cm) of the unit as well for best viewing experience.
  4. Storage needs: Determine what are your storage needs. Do you need a media unit to store a lot many entertainment accessories or just to store minimal accessories like cable box? Do you want a lot of drawers or shelves?
  5. Material: Wooden Wall Mounted Media units come in a variety of material including wood, MDF, metal and glass. Every material has a charm of its own, choosing one depends on your needs and style. While wood and metal provide durability, MDF and glass provide finesse.
  6. Style: After deciding the material, it is important to decide on the style. Do you want a contemporary style which defines the design of today; or do you want a traditional unit, which evokes a timeless feeling? Do you want a modern, bold and forward look or a woody, rustic look?
  7. Design: A media unit comes in various designs; wall mounted, open or closed, hutch or swivel, consoles or complete media centers. There is something for everyone in the world of TV units.

Media Console: Modern Media Unit

Media console is a media unit design that incorporates the modern and contemporary look. Most modern designs come in media consoles. They are low and elongated with ample space. There is sufficient space on the surface and ample storage space. It is a concise piece of furniture, often rectangular in shape.

Media consoles are a perfect fir for modern households with their minimalistic yet highly customizable properties. Although, most consoles come with closed shelves, many come with open shelves as well, to suit the preferences of the buyer. They look chic and perfectly fit with your decor and style of the living room.

Buy Modern Media Unit online in India

It has been established that media unit is a highly customizable piece of furniture. There is something for everyone, and still room for new and amazing designs. There are no fixed dimensions or rules. Over the years, wall mounted media units have gone under various changes; from different materials, to designs, colours, styles and sizes.

At Mohh, we ensure all your customization needs are met. We have a unique, contemporary and modern catalog for the interior designer in you. We use premium and high-quality material.

Adhering to all your needs, Mohh is also here to provide a customized and unique design only for you. We ensure that every piece is unique and every customer is satisfied.

Mohh also stands strong behind all its customers, therefore we provide a 6month warranty against manufacturing defects on all our products.

Here is list of Some Products:

1. Oru Sideboard 

2. Otto Media Unit

3. Mare Media Unit

4. Fuji