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Oru Side Table

14,850.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Calo 3

4,070.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Calo 1

3,960.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)


8,800.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Uku Mini

4,620.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Almond Green
Matt Black

Bett Seite Side Table – Large

12,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Mahindra Grey
New Beginning
Oasis Green
Rivira Blue
White Ash
White Oak
Dyed Zebra Royal Black
Knotty Pine
Matt Black
Peacock Green
Tasquino Blue

Euclid Side Table

9,999.0013,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Mare Side Table

13,200.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Calo 2

3,960.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Ocean Blue

Kizuna Side Table

11,000.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Emerald Green
Mahindra Grey
Midnight Blue
Olympus White
Ode to Joy

Georgia Side Table – Small

28,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)
Acacia & Black
Acacia & Cream
Black Stained
Acacia & Sand Beige
Acacia & Slate Grey
Black Stained & Slate Grey
Oak & Cream
White Ash & Black
White Ash & Cream
White Ash & Light Admiralty Grey
White Ash & Slate Grey

Munch Side Table

17,999.0019,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Modern side table with storage for living room | Online side tables with drawers for bedroom

Modern Side table adds a sense of completeness to your living space. It is the most important piece of furniture that can infuse your living room with style. An essential piece of furniture, these tables can’t be ignored because you need to keep your belongings while you sleep.

A bedroom must be organized where all your things must be accessible including mobile phones, medicines, specs, etc. Therefore, modern wooden side tables are important furniture for your bedroom. These accent pieces deserve your attention and cannot be overlooked. Though they may not be the focal point of your living room they definitely tie the space together.

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Modern side table with drawer for bedroom

Beds are the focal point of a bedroom, the other furniture that completes your bedroom is- side tables. They keep your bedroom cleaner and organized. Your night lamps and bedtime essentials are sorted as you can easily reach for the items quicker without getting up from the bed. It is indeed one of the most functional pieces of furniture that you can have in your home.

Modern Side Table with Drawer available at Mohh:

At Mohh, we have different types of modern side table with drawers where you can keep your belongings efficiently. These are made of sturdy wood. Our Muro Table and Mare Table have drawers with modern design where you can easily keep a lamp, laptop and your essentials inside the drawers. The chest of drawers can easily stack your magazines, newspapers, and small items that are needed daily. These simple tables with simple wooden legs occupy less space and are suitable for a small room. A single drawer can easily hold so many things in your everyday needs.

Modern Side Table for Living Room

Your drinks, books, TV remote control, etc. are all covered by side tables or Modern Wooden side table. Isn’t it a perfect storage solution for your living room? A Modern Side tables design can easily make or break the look of your living room. Aren’t they the best way of filling up the empty spaces with glory and positivity? Let us have a look at how these side tables can be important to your living room.

Buy Modern bedside table for Living room:

Modern side table increase the space utilization

Buy Modern Wooden side tables that utilize space:

The exclusive benefit that these tables offer is increased space utilization. The drawers and shelves can be utilized efficiently to keep a lot of things. The wood table top is the best space to keep showpieces, flower pots, and other related decorative items. You can provide a more wonderful and pleasant look to your ambiance with efficient and effective space utilization.

Modern side tables for easy reach

Do you have to lean over something to put your drink on? This is the time you realize that you need a modern wooden table by your bedside to place your things. A table to keep your daily essentials is the best way to infuse a room with style. The lower shelves can easily store your magazines so that you read them when you want them at ease.

For a modern element

Your living space can be easily transformed with a table that has a chest of drawers for maximum storage and minimal lines. The sleek finish with the soft tones of the tables adds a modern element to your abode.

An important player for your living room: Modern Side Table

When we plan to revamp our living room, the first thing we look forward to purchasing is a sofa set. Or when we want to set up our house for the first time, the heavy investment is on cupboards, armchairs, etc. But we forget furniture which can really be a player. A Modern side table with drawers is easily overlooked. This very piece offers a place to set a drink, provide storage, and keep our favorite vase.

At Mohh, the side tables have an ample amount of storage with drawers and shelves. You can easily keep your favorite book or put your favorite things on display. Whether it’s a beautiful bowl or an expensive dish, unique accessories can always find a place on such tables.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to place modern side tables at home?

Modern Side tables can up your game in styling the interiors. You can place them by the side of the bed or near the sofa set. The side tables with drawers are handy when you want to keep your magazines or newspapers. You can keep them in the corners so that you don’t lose the keys or essentials. They brighten up the dull corners in your house.

How to maintain side tables?

Side tables are sturdily made of oak or acacia wood. You can avoid its prolonged exposure to sunlight and protect it from water. Do not use scrub pads as they make scratches on the surface. Just slightly damp the cloth and clean the wooden grains. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surfaces.

Do not use any chemical agent.
If there’s a spill, blot the spill and do not wipe it.
Use coasters or mats to keep hot or cold beverages or items.
Avoid sliding the items across the table, to prevent scratches and damage to the finish.

What items can be placed on side tables?

Side tables are an essential furniture item that can be used to store your items of daily needs. We tend to lose the keys to our vehicles and house. A bedside table can be easily placed to keep the small yet crucial things. In this way, you will never lose them or keep searching for them for hours. Showcase your beautiful flowers in a vase and put them on top of the table. The table with drawers is efficient where you can keep your medicines or hair accessories. They are a perfect storage solution for your room.

Where are the best quality modern side tables?

A quality Modern side table is one that is not only modern but sturdy. Don’t forget the durability factor. A table made of oak or acacia wood provides strength. Storage factor is one such attribute that cannot be missed. A modern table with minimal lines keeps your place clutter-free and aligned. At Mohh, we have modern tables available at the best prices from nature-inspired prints to minimal designs side tables.