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Semai Console

7,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Suropu Console

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Trisley Console

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Treesa Console

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Trello Console

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Dairiseki Console

10,599.0013,699.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Ito Console

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Semai Console – Inlay Design

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Suropu Console with Inlay

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Semai Console – Inlay Design 2.0

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Modern consoles table with storage | Wooden modern consoles table designs

Modern consoles table with storage is sleek and slender that can go virtually anywhere- in the living room, along a hallway, or the entryway. They can be perfect if you are pressed for space as they add instant glamour to a dull corner. For a bright modern look, a modern consoles table with shelf is just right.

We believe that homes just cannot do without such furniture. The stylish range available online at Mohh is highly durable and sturdy. The clean lines and “no muss, no fuss” styles can fit with ease into nooks and crannies. They can be ideal perches for a tray or a pretty bowl to hold your mobile phones or keys, or as a cozy base for a vase of flowers. So if you are looking for something quirky yet minimalistic, you can find the right one among the plethora of options at Mohh.

What is consoles furniture? 

These tables are pieces that are intricately designed with a minimalistic approach and delicate gliding. The role of modern consoles furniture is to create symmetry in a space and help to create a harmonious décor through matching features and design details. At Mohh, you will find very interesting and eye-catching designs to choose from when it comes to modern console tables. The tables online on our website have distinctive features:

Wooden consoles table are minimalistic and manufactured with utmost passion and care. Modern consoles table with storage have clean lines that will perfectly blend in with any corner of your home. They are designed specifically with powder-coated metal and sturdy acacia wood for good storage. Consoles table designs that are not only multipurpose but require low maintenance.

Tall modern consoles table with shelf

These tables have vast potential with open shelves for display and cabinets for smart organization. Multi-functional design can suit a variety of interior placements.

A Scandinavian design is sweet and simple with its warm finished body. Such designs are appropriate for small spaces with maximum storage potential. You can check out our Dairiseki table which has more space and is truly multipurpose. The engineered wooden is sturdy enough to hold heavy gadgets.

Wooden consoles for all your storage needs!

Convenient drawers and cabinets are perfect for storing seasonal items. They can accommodate a mix of everyday particulars. Wooden consoles are best for stocking up your favorite reads too. You can place modern consoles table with storage at the entryway where it is easy to grab and go keys, new mails, and phones which may sit atop the tabletop while miscellaneous items are stored in the drawers.

Quirky tall modern consoles designs for your living space

At Mohh scroll through a myriad of options available at the best prices. Why hold back when you can give your lonely walls a modern look with an elegant range available online. A modern home with a rustic appearance can be achieved through the right wooden consoles table that will give your space a plush and more refined look.

Crafted from premium quality engineered woods, these are sure to ramp up the style quotient of your home. We believe that a quirky modern consoles table is an opportunity to flaunt your beautiful souvenirs and collectibles.

Modern ways to style consoles

You can deck up this furniture pretty much any style you like. It may reflect your personal tastes and add some design flair to your living space. It can be placed in any part of your home- entryway of your home, living room, or dining room as well.

Here are some tips on how to style modern consoles table:

Choose the right one- Select the one that perfectly blends with the rest of your home décor can give an edgy twist to your living space. Don’t forget to take note of the dimensions of the table.

Light it up! Your table can be the focal point of your room. The best way to announce its importance is by putting up a stylish table lamp atop to brighten up your table contents.

An attractive backdrop to complete the design– The wall above can be used to provide a beautiful backdrop and complete your design goals. You can place a beautiful framed mirror or a large frame of artwork you adore.

Less is more- A key factor to decorate is to avoid overcrowding. Less is more when it comes to console decor. A good balance of space and pieces atop is visually soothing.

Items to add atop- Not only plants, vases, or frames, you can add a few books to fill in a spare bottom shelf on your table. For some visually appealing variety, choose the items that add a quirk and chic look to the nook of your living space.

Modern consoles table with storage available at Mohh

Whether you arrange your family pictures or keep the essentials, wooden consoles tables add an oomph factor to any narrow space of your home. It can be a sidekick to the sofa and couches of your living room. Consoles table designs online at Mohh adds the right amount of functionality and decorative flair and accentuates the aesthetic appeal of your entire home.