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Wooden dressing Table

Wooden Dressing Table | Buy dressing table set with mirror at best prices online. Select form our wide range of Collections at mohh in India.

Eva Dressing Table

33,000.0039,600.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Eva Dressing Table – Medium

28,600.0033,000.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Kapsel Dressing Table

11,000.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Kurv Dressing Table

30,800.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Loa Dressing Table

23,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

May Dressing Mirror

22,999.0023,999.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Sie Dressing Table

22,000.00 (Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs)

Wooden dressing table is one such piece of furniture that adds character and function to your bedroom. It provides a relaxing space for you to groom yourself and get ready in the morning with all your makeup essentials. They have multiple drawers which help you keep your space organised like you can store your jewelry, combs, clips, and other knick-knacks easily. You don’t have to waste your time finding them everywhere. A table with drawers will keep your things safe and in place. You won’t have to move around your room to find the missing earring piece or lipstick shade in a rush.

Dressing table with lights helps you give careful attention to your hair, jewelry and most importantly your makeup. And for that, just a simple table isn’t enough! Whether parties work or weddings, dressing table which has lights will help you achieve the desired look. It plays a vital role in enhancing your personality and definitely adds confidence to your look. Indeed, it’s an intimate space where you can return to yourself!

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Wooden Dressing Table with Mirror: Combination of ease of use and aesthetics

Wooden dressing tables that have mirror are very ergonomic. They can completely displace large dressers in a bedroom and cabinets too. Minimalistic designs are sleek, less space-consuming yet functional. Their sleek look doesn’t need much space and can fit into any small area. A mirror attached to the table allows you to see yourself from all sides before you head out for an important meeting or a glamorous party.

Modern designs in are minimal with neat lines and edges. They are best for bedrooms with a limited amount of free space. Nowadays, most people live in one to two-bedroom apartments and big dressers can’t fit in any way and occupy useful space. For them, a dressing table can be a great solution- it saves space allowing you to use the empty area of the room with benefit.

Wooden dressing table with mirror and lights for an eye for detail

Dressing up involves more than clothes. It involves looking at oneself closely. For careful attention, you need a table with lights. The type of illumination it provides is equally important. At Mohh, you will find LED fitted dressing tables and they are the best choice for you. They give the skin a natural appearance and won’t lead you astray when putting on makeup. Ideal lighting for makeup application and saves you from disastrous consequences.

We have a range of simplistic yet functional wooden dressing table designs that have LED placed around the edge of the mirror. These are perfect for creating conditions for your daily makeup routines. Apart from this, it will add to your space a shabby chic character.

Why LED lights are the perfect fit for wooden dressing tables?

LED tables provide soft and natural light. It is fitted around the round mirror edge so that people who look at the mirror can see themselves more easily. Let’s look at some of its benefits:

  1. LED lights have a supplementing light function. Dressing tables with light and mirror is a boon for ladies who love beauty. A darker room is undoubtedly the biggest problem when applying makeup. LED has the power of tens of watts and can easily illuminate the space.
  2. Modern designs with LED light provide a modern aesthetic for space. Indeed, they offer luxurious high-end designs.
  3. These lights do not harm the eyes and do not produce glare. The soft light effect they have will not damage the glasses as well.
  4. LED lights have an energy-saving effect. Thus, environmentally friendly.

Dressing tables with mirror lights are becoming more popular among people. Choose from our range of dressing tables with LED light fitting.

Wooden dressing table: An exceptional masterpiece to your decor

Buy a table design for your home and add elegance to your interior. An engineered table with lights is super trendy and sturdy. You spend hours in front of the dressing table, therefore, it needs to be strong and look classy for the years to come. These always stand the test of time without any doubt and have many attributes to it that make it what it is.

  1. Wooden dressing tables give a gorgeous natural look. They look classy no matter what. With sleek and neat lines their finish is ready to show attractiveness.
  2. Better strength and durability. Wood is a long-lasting, reliable, and natural material, therefore, lasts for generations with minimum care.
  3. Easy maintenance and cleaning
  4. They are a worthy investment. As they last for a long time, therefore, a smart investment and are beautiful, comfortable, and worthy at the same time.

Get a variety of wooden dressing table under one roof

Are you looking for the table that fits best into your interiors? If you are looking to purchase online then you have come to the right place. At Mohh you can choose a minimal design that fits your budget and space. Refined by rich details and minimal look, these tables are perfect to steal a look at yourself. These designs will reflect a sense of your style and personality and here you can make a well-informed choice based on your likes and preferences. Along with storing your belongings, you can keep keys and notes well organized. Such tables have a minimal look and are functional. They will keep your space mess-free.

When you shop at Mohh, you can easily distinguish our services from the rest. We have an additional discount of 15% on your first purchase. Undoubtedly, our customer service team will readily assist you 24/7 to provide you with an indispensable shopping experience. You can also check out our new range of modern furniture and avail the best services. Our most selling furniture units are dressing tables, seating collection, dining tables, study tables, work from home collection, round mirrors, and many more.