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5 Home Bar Units For A Spirited Party Lover

Let’s bring the bar home! Now there’s no need to bear the hassle of going out to a bar. Enjoy happy hours in your pajamas and catch your fancy read-along. Going to a bar is fun and all, but sometimes we all just prefer drinking and being merry at home in our comfortable pajamas. Since the pandemic has hit, we simply can’t go to our favorite cocktail lounges and dives these days. And honestly, nothing could be more relaxing than a fun atmosphere in your own stylish home bar units. Or, maybe you still like to go out, but also want an option to entertain your guests and close friends and turn your own space into something like the coolest of clubs with home bar units design. Since these parties need a killer set-up, here are chic home bar units to inspire you. Whether you want to build out a home bar, or just want to turn part of your kitchen counter into one, we’ve got unique bar units for the living room to help you make it happen now. 

Minimal Design Home Bar Units

Entertain your friends in style with chic bar units that have a minimal look with neat and clean lines to amp up your space. Design a home bar with corner bar units that will not just add the glam quotient to your interiors but will also serve as the perfect setting to please your guests. 

Sometimes space constraints restrict us from setting up a separate bar unit that takes up a good amount of space. But do not let that be a reason for sad dry days. If floor space is sparse, opt for Sake Bar Cart, which is compact and keeps the party going. 

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Equipped with a wine holder, bar accessories, storage to keep your cutlery, and slots to hang your glasses – these types of bar units have everything to make serving easier. This bar unit is easy to wheel around while using and the different levels provide ample space for everything you possibly need! 

Add a Vintage Element With Wooden Bar Units

An elegant bar unit in the colonial style. Check out Aidan Bar that’s trendy, modern, and kinda cute. With its vintage look and open space, the Aidan bar unit offers lots of space for equipment, bottles, and glasses. Its striking features are the relaxed colonial look created by the finish and the stability provided by the high-class wooden frame.

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A fabulous piece of bar units design, this one has top-quality fittings and lots of useful details. The practical highlight is that this bar unit has a mirror on the back and LED lights fitted. These are just some features that are additional in the spacious yet minimal bar unit. It is available in small or medium size as there’s something for every home! For that extra bit of fun, don’t miss the interesting groove pattern on the shutters!

Lighten Up the Nooks With Corner Bar Units

Elegant and fully functional, corner mini home bar units answer the question of where a great place to put a mini bar might be. If you have a room where the space is limited and restricted or putting it on a wall is not right or inappropriate to the use of the room, then the corner is perfect. With a cozy, sophisticated, and slightly anachronistic feel, home bar units are a natural match for mid-century modern interiors.

To find a corner mini bar that complements them, try looking for designs that are geometrical shapes like Mohh’s Henson Bar unit. Such bar units for a home in a corner can be an eye-catcher! 

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Such corner bar units ooze luxurious charm and their unique triangular shape makes them an easy addition between two walls. This chic and minimal home bar unit has plenty of storage space, fitted LED lights inside to light it up and a sneak peek into the bar with the glass door making it a visual treat for your guests while ensuring you can store everything in your beloved home bar! This bar unit is available in two finishes, worth the investment!

Blend of Style and Function With Wall Bar Units

Wall bar units bring unique decor to your bare walls with great utility. Bring luxury and glamour to your living space with this Oru Wall Mounted Bar that’s modern, opulent, and striking! 

Wall bar units are space-saving and add a touch of glamor to your wall. 

Oru Bar Cabinet

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Mohh’s Oru wall bar unit is a piece of furniture where old-world charm meets modular design! It is the dream bar unit designed while keeping in mind all the needs! If you need an ample amount of space for wines? Check! Wall bar units are an easy way to hang and store your glasses with ease. There is plenty for all your bar accessories, bottles, glasses, etc. The best part of wall bar units? The designs are drool-worthy and the compact designs can easily be mounted on any wall and will make the perfect bar!

Add A Modern Edge with Bar Units In Folds and Flex 

For a perfectly organized space, bar units for a home that can be folded are the best ones. Nowadays, due to limited space availability, people opt for foldable bar units that take less space and can be used more smartly. They are quite trendy these days and one of the most popular styles of bar units designs. The Oki Bar by Mohh is a space-saving bar unit, with a foldable ledge and ample storage for all the bar accessories. 

The combination of birch plywood and painted engineered wood is sure to provide a pleasant contrast and lends a striking look wherever placed.

Oki Bar Unit

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Home bar units should ideally marry style with functionality. Minimal bar units designs with neat and clean lines can create a party starter. Don’t sulk if you live in a small apartment because at Mohh, we put together a list of clever bar design ideas to kick off your next big party. The bar units for the living room at Mohh are available at discounted prices and in a variety of designs. You can get them delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.