Guide to Choosing the Best Modern TV Units for your Home

Guide to Choosing the Modern TV Units

Indeed, there is nothing better than settling down with a piping hot mug of coffee and watching the latest series in front of TV units now that the winter evenings have arrived.  For an ultimate TV viewing experience, you should not only have the right set box but perfect living room TV unit designs to put it on.  Choosing perfect modern TV units for your living room can be quite a challenge, so here at Mohh, we’ve put together tips or a guide, to help you get it absolutely right.

From stylish glass to glossy panels modern TV units have come a long way in design. At Mohh, we are committed to bringing you the best of the best. Our TV units designs for the living room are going to spunk up our space.

Modern TV units today have become versatile, both in terms of purpose and functionality. No longer do TV units hold viewers hostage to a cricket match or the latest blockbuster movie. In spaces like the lounge rooms and bars, TV is a point of convergence – the axis of banter and social interactions with loved ones. At home, we have dedicated our spaces to TV units, home theatres, and other gadgets that are recreational. And for others, binge-watching in the bedroom after a long day of work continues to be a household tradition. Modern TV units, therefore, have become an integral part of home interior design with most people. Living room TV units designs are an indispensable piece of style. It can even upgrade the appearance of your interior several notches. In any case, you’ll have to ensure that the structure of your TV unit matches the dimensions of your living room. And so we bring you a TV unit designs guide that is for your living room – those that are adaptable to varied room sizes and gorgeous to look at as well!

Match the room size for modern TV units 

TV units are probably the central point of your living room. It’s a good idea to measure the size of your living room before you start looking for TV units designs, as you want the size of your TV unit to be in sync with the size of your room.  To make sure that the TV fits on a cabinet safely, you want a living room TV units design that is roughly 20% longer in length than your TV.  Also, consider whether TV units offer sufficient weight capacity to support your TV.

Otto TV unit

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Check out this Otto TV unit that is a minimalistic shelving system. It is easy to use, & is well suited for storage and display with well-conceived proportions and details.

It’s designed to be used without any handles or knobs as the shutters feature convenient ‘press to open’ hardware.

The correct viewing height with TV Units

The key to maximum viewing comfort is the height of the TV screen. It is not easy to position your screen at a perfect height, but you can get a TV unit of a height as close as possible to comfortable eye level.  For the best setup, measure your eye level when seated, making sure the central area of the TV isn’t far above your sightline.  Consider buying TV units designed with an amount to adjust the display level so it’s perfect for you.

Tsukasa Media Unit

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Check out this Tsukasa TV unit, lending a bit of drama to modern lines with a hint of an optical illusion – it enhances the deep noir aesthetic. 

It’s sturdy, statement and solid with powerful metal and wood joinery and angled legs. Available in 2 distinct options – go for the warm wood look or the monochrome dark one!

The best shape of modern TV units for the living room

When choosing the right size TV units for your room, it’s important to think about the shape of the living room.  If you’re lucky enough to have a large proportioned room, as long as the overall style matches your room decoration, practically any shape and size will look good.  But what if you have a narrow or oddly shaped living room? Working with a small shaped room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the TV of your dreams.  The Muro TV unit lets you fit a screen into a compact space. The piece is influenced by a painting of the stone pattern, which is the Scandinavian-inspired TV unit. 

Muro TV unit

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Truly multi-purpose, the unique aspect of the design is the rotating tabletop which can be extended into a console with more space or stopped at any angle for your use. The final design is completed with the print on the sliding shutters of the console.

Don’t forget storage with Modern TV units

Keeping your TV unit free of clutter is one of the best ways to showcase your screen and it also shows your personality.  Think about how many consoles and set-top boxes you are looking to store?  Take note of their individual dimensions so you know they’ll fit.  Look for designs with drawers and shelvings to stow away DVDs, remote controls, and headphones and keep your living room clutter-free.

WB Media Unit

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This WB tv unit is a compact design made quirky and striking with the addition of the Structure Eco boards – it comes with both open and close storage to help you effortlessly style your space!

At Mohh, we have a huge range of TV units to satisfy your TV tech needs – from cupboards, open shelving options all with cable management, great design, and stylish looks. The modern TV unit designs are available at discounted prices on Mohh.