The Best Diwali Gifts Under INR 1500 by Mohh

Diwali is the season of entertaining, whether you are hoisting a full-blown party or a simple and cozy Diwali games night with your loved ones – either way a full house with guests, food and merry is expected this season at everyone’s home. With all these exciting upcoming parties, comes the need to buy the perfect gift for all your loved ones.
Read below to find out the gift ideas under INR 1500 offered by your favourite furniture & home décor brand – MOHH

Our range of Lumos Candle holders offers a variety of options for those who appreciate an elegant, refreshing and modern take on the classic candle holder. Explore this range to celebrate the festival of lights with an eye-catching, stylish statement piece of home décor.

Lumos Candle Holder 1

A geometric design that is so satisfying in its symmetry to look at – Lumos Candle Holder 1 comes with a distinguishing design language to illuminate your homes with positivity. Be prepared to receive compliments about this stunning candle holder from everyone who visits your home.


Lumos Candle Holder 3

A distinctive oval-shaped candle holder anchored with a bold base is a sight for the eyes. It will be a quirky as well as the best choice to deck out your home with a unique candle holder like this. When an illuminated candle is placed, it is as pretty as a picture. 


Lumos Candle Holder 4

An impressive candle holder which will take you back to the royal’s time. The design is inspired by the desire of connecting old traditions with a modern look. A sleek base and the simplicity of holding an illuminated candle will scream Diwali and add that glam to your household.


Tes Tray

The seamless mingling of the best of two worlds – the age-old charm and modern design detailing. This stylish and unique tray will undoubtedly help you make a statement while serving. What would be a better Diwali gift when the season of entertaining house guests is at its prime? It’s not just a gift, it’s a valuable addition. One can use Tes tray for a pampering breakfast-in-bed surprise for your loved ones too, not to mention while serving all the guests!


Koko Candle Holders

The set of candle holders with the young playful vibe that anyone would prefer this festive season. To set the right festive tone these Candle holders will bring out the fun side that you want your party guests to see. What’s more? You don’t have to settle for any one colour – this product comes with every variant in a different color so unleash your quirky side with Koko Candle Holders this Diwali.


Rex serving platter

How about serving your guests not just with snacks but with a dash of style with the special Rex serving platter? This Diwali serve edible art in a fun way! This platter brings out the best wood detailing in the design and has the smoothest finish that would make it irresistible for you to keep your hand off this product.


Rowena coasters

One of our bestsellers, our customers have loved it as much as we love this piece of art. The contrasting wood puzzle pieces coming together, leaving you with an unmatched delight every time you put it together or use it apart. Not just you but your little ones will love this addition to your home too. 

Rowena Coasters

Kibo Planter

A set of two hassle-free and compact planters to up your home décor game. These planters come in a birch ply structure to hold them together. Whether you’d like to place it on a tabletop or hang it using a convenient thread that it comes with, you can count on this planter to revamp your corner. Also, check out another variation of the Kibo planter – the Teo Planter.


Calypso coasters

The Caplyso coasters are designed with care for those who love unique pieces made from solid wood. Manufactured with care, the feeling of the 2 coasters fitting together perfectly can’t be explained with words! Inspired by Yin-Yang, the coasters made of 2 contrasting wood will give your home a warm and organic feel.

Caplyso Coasters

Alta Lanterns

Lanterns have a nostalgic factor to them that never fails to appeal. Alta Lanterns are the perfect blend of ancient sentimentality and the utility of a lantern with the new era’s essential festive home decor style. When any light source is placed in the lantern through its swing door it creates a soft jubilant glow that is pleasing in any home.


We are offering a variety of combos using the products described above to help you curate phenomenal Diwali gifts for your family, friends, or even employees.

Our Combos

K2-Tes Tray Combo

Ella-Lumos Candle Holder 3 Combo

Zeno-Lumos Candle Holder 3 Combo

Ella-Lumos Candle Holder 1 Combo

Zeno-Lumos Candle Holder 1 Combo

Ella-Lumos Candle Holder 4 Combo

Zeno-Koko Candle Holders Combo

Ella-Koko Candle Holders Combo

Koko-Marmo Coasters Combo

Marmo-Tes Tray Combo

Ella-Tes Tray Combo

Zeno-Tes Tray Combo

K2-Rex Platter Combo


Marmo-Rex Platter Combo

Ella-Rex Platter Combo

Zeno-Rex Platter Combo

Ella-Teo Planter Combo


Zeno-Teo Planter Combo

Ella-Kibo Planter Combo

Zeno-Kibo Planter Combo


Ella-Rowena Coasters Combo


Zeno-Rowena Coasters Combo


Ella-Calypso Coasters Combo

Zeno-Calypso Coasters Combo


Marmo-Alta Lantern Combo


Zeno-Alta Lantern Combo

Our Best Seller Diwali Gifts Under INR 1500


Zeno-Alta Lantern Combo

K2-Rex Platter Combo

Ella-Lumos Candle Holder 4 Combo

Zeno-Calypso Coasters Combo