How to take care of wooden furniture by Mohh

Remember how all our nanis and dadis used to fuss over their wooden furniture and take care of it meticulously? Now when you’re the owner of some furniture yourself, can you absolutely relate to that behaviour? It was so important, right?  

Furniture is like the soul of the house, one of the most prominent elements of a home. 

Your furniture is always in use – working hard on your wooden study table, relaxing and binge-watching on your comfy sofa with your feet up on the wooden coffee table or sleeping on your wooden bed. With exhaustive use, there is inevitable wear and tear. Nevertheless, with careful and easy steps, you can maintain it in pristine condition. 

Wood is a popular choice in furniture; whether it’s tables, chairs, or beds – there is an inbuilt trust that if it’s made of wood, it’s superior to any other material. Well-known for its solidity and sturdiness, let’s not forget even the mightiest need looking after! 

Let’s see below how to effectively take care of your wooden furniture – 

Follow our simple, 3-word mantra – Protect, maintain, and sustain!


Protect your wooden furniture from man-made fiascos as well as natural elements to prolong its life as well as charm. Maintain it by regular dusting and cleaning. Sustain it for long period with some effort & care.


Always use coasters and placemats on all wooden tables. It’s a small thing but keeping a simple layer between your utensils and your furniture could go a long way in prolonging your wooden furniture’s life. Need another motivation to use coasters and placemats? They only look stunning but are also functional while taking up minimum space when it’s in use or kept away. Explore our range to find some uniquely designed and the best quality coasters! 

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Wooden furniture is a diva, after all, avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight as the UV rays can cause fading or darkening of the wood. Putting up drapes in the room can prove to be a wise investment.

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 While your wooden furniture supports you all over your house, it is essential that you return the favour by dusting and cleaning it regularly. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a branded 2,000 rupee microfiber cloth to dust your furniture, any ordinary microfiber cloth will also do the trick! Wipe off the accumulated dust at regular intervals so it doesn’t form a thick layer and start to leave starches which will ultimately get noticed and be an eyesore in your favourite wooden furniture sets.

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Wooden furniture is prone to absorbing liquid; when it does, it often swells and wears out. Keeping an eye on your drinks and cleaning all spills carefully can be fruitful over time. Don’t be lazy, instantly clean if there’s any spillage that way your furniture won’t retain any and live long.

Wooden furniture

Be wise while buying

We all know the wood is prone to get termite infestation. Surely everyone has had some experience with unwanted termite problems and then the use of pungent medicine to remedy the same. Good news – this situation is not without a solution. The solution is simple – before buying ensure that a clear coat of lacquer has been added to the wood. This will make your furniture termite resistant and you’ll be able to enjoy your wooden furniture stress-free.   

These simple and practical tips will go a long way in making your wooden furniture long-lasting and age gracefully. It’s less effort and a great reward!